Chairman’s Lifetime and People

On December 15 Juche 100 (2011) Chairman Kim Jong Il gave his field guidance to Kwangbok Area Supermarket which was built in a modern style in Pyongyang.

Walking round the counters filled with varieties of goods, he said that officials and workers in the Kwangbok Area Supermarket should work better in order to win the competition with Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and that more goods would go to the people if they both competed with each other.

Although some hours had passed so soon, the Chairman said that he was really satisfactory to see a new supermarket serving for improvement of people’s living. He continued to say that he was most glad to get something done for the people and he found his happiness and pleasure in those of the people.

It was the very Chairman who found his happiness and pleasure in those of the people. Such happiness and pleasure of the people were just his revolutionary view, fighting goal and all in his sacred revolutionary lifetime. Hence, his lifetime was precisely the people.

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