Even One Percent of Old Water Shouldn’t Go In

It happened when Changgwang Health Complex, a public service base for Pyongyang citizens, was under construction.

One day Chairman Kim Jong Il called the officials in charge of construction.

Saying that he was told they got worried with water problem, he told them to suggest any idea they had.

One of them presented his view that they were going to make use of water once more by refining it like in the other countries.

But the Chairman said that even a percent of old water should not go into bathroom, swimming pool and wading pool our people were going to use. Unfolding the area plan he drew a direct line from Changgwang Health Complex to Taedong River in his color pencil. Then he instructed that they should carry water from Taedong River into the health complex and it should be carried as man intends it to be in the era of the Workers’ Party.

As a result, water tanks in the health complex were always filled with refined water carried from Taedong River.

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