Highest-Level Emergency Anti-Epidemic War of 91 Days

Highest-Level Emergency Anti-Epidemic War of 91 Days

Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, declaring victory in the highest-level emergency anti-epidemic war at the National Meeting to Review the Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had maintained a stabilized epidemic prevention situation for two years and three months since the outbreak of the pandemic, but the malignant virus entered its territory, threatening the lives of its people.

On May 12 this year the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government put in place the highest-level emergency anti-epidemic system and stamped out the malignant virus in the country’s territory in 80-odd days; and on the 91st day they uninstalled the system, and the people returned to stability and peace.

The 91 days of the war demonstrated that no malignant virus and no serious public health crisis can do harm to the Party, the state and the people that are united with the feeling of affection and with the same ideology and intentions.

The victory the Korean people achieved in defending their precious lives, health and laughter on the strength of indefatigable will and unity will be etched in history.

Foreign Languages Publishing House, DPRK

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