General Kim Il Sung of Undying Fame, Savior of National Liberation (2) Original Guerrilla Tactics

“General Kim Il Sung commands the arts of shortening distance, camouflage, imposing stature and dividing himself”, “General Kim Il Sung commands the heaven and earth and foresees the weather as he is the General who was born into the spirit and energy of Mt. Paektu.”

These were some speeches the Korean people made when they appreciated the original guerrilla tactics created by President Kim Il Sung in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Japanese imperialists were entrapped by the constantly-varied guerrilla tactics to cause wholesale deaths in all battles against the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA) though they swaggered about being the “leader” of Asia.

One of Japanese army officers who had ever taken part in a “clean-up operation” against the KPRA confessed that what he had not known so far was their protean tactics that did not make sense of whether they went up the sky or into the ground such as wiping away their footprints obviously seen on the snow and erasing their footsteps in a hill across the river, though it was true they went it across. He disclosed that it was an ever-changing and highly talented tactics never to be found in the book of Japanese military science and tactics.

The guerrilla tactics created by the President was really a multipurpose sword that enabled them to defeat the Japanese imperialism, a burglar armed to the teeth.

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