A Country for Youth with Bright Future

A few years ago the Lenin Young Communist League of the Russian Federation, in an article posted on the Internet, said:

“At present, when mental and moral corruption of young people has arisen as a serious social problem in many countries of the world and those infected with the individualistic outlook on life are leading a depraved and criminal life, the noble spiritual and moral traits of the Korean youth tell a lot to the international community.

“The DPRK is truly a country for the youth with a bright future and the one and only youth power in the world.”

The Korean youth volunteer for hard and labour-consuming jobs to live a worthy life during their youth and try to find and do many good things for society and the collective, which mirror their noble outlook on life.

It has become a commonplace to see young people take good care of the children with no parents and old people with no children to depend on, leave Pyongyang or native places and volunteer to work at coal and other mines and cooperative farms, or at branch schools on isolated islands as teachers for a few children after graduating from college. 

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