General Kim Il Sung of Undying Fame, Savior of National Liberation

Koreans had nearly lost their own language and letters and even their full names forever since they were taken away their national sovereignty and territory by Japanese imperialism.

They had once appealed national independence by committing disembowelment at an international conference hall and also shouted “Long Live Korea!” by killing a ringleader of aggression upon Korea and before his dead body.

And twenty millions of Koreans had waged a tearful “compensate-national-bonds” campaign in order to restore national sovereignty.

National independence the entire Koreans had so ardently longed for was finally accomplished by the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung.

Cheers of “Long Live General Kim Il Sung!” echoed across the country in August about 70 years ago were erupted from their endless gratitude to the President who gave joy of national restoration to them who had suffered exploitation and oppression by the Japanese imperialists.

It was also a proud manifesto that they had a great savior and peerlessly patriot who stood them as independent people free from colonial slavery.

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