Keeping in Mind the Taste of Acorn Jelly

It was one year when President Kim Il Sung visited Changsong County.

Changsong is surrounded by mountains and has merely five percent of its total areas as arable land. So, whenever autumn came, all families used to gather acorns from the trees and dry them to make jelly as substitutes for food.

Depressed by the county’s food shortage, the President told his assistant in his hoarse voice to get a bowl of acorn jelly for him. Then he went slowly round the yard.

His assistant hesitated a moment but he had no other choice but to give it to the President shaking his hands.

The President took one spoon after another to taste bitter and rough acorn jelly.

Since then, keeping in mind the taste, the President came to Changsong very often and devoted all his energies ceaselessly to develop the obscure county in the mountains into the paradise of people, the model county of the DPRK.

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