Story of Loving Care in the History of Great War Victory (6) A Sentinel Was Excited

It was one early morning in October Juche 39 (1950).

That day President Kim Il Sung entered a sentry post of field command and asked a sentinel if it was early for change and said that he would take his place.

Saying that he couldn’t accept it, the sentinel did not know what to do at that moment.

The President covered him with white cloth and said that he could not work each time he saw him trembling outside.

The sentinel could not repress his excitement and buried his face in his warm bosom.

And he asked the President in his tearful voice why he did not look after himself and worked till late at night.

Then the President smiled lightly and said that he felt tired, too, but the supreme commander himself should bear tiredness when a young soldier did so and that they both would have enough sleep after winning the war.

Warm tears fell down silently from his eyes when he saw the tender-hearted face of the President who thought soldiers before himself.

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