Story of Loving Care in the History of Great War Victory (4) Order Filled with Loving Care

One day when fierce battles were heightened, President Kim Il Sung summoned a commander of a unit taking in charge of defending the Height 1211.

Entering the President’s office, he was going to make a report on the accomplishment of his mission. The President said that he called him as he had not intended to hear him report but send him to the clinic.

He solicited the President for allowing him to remain there as the enemy’s large-scale offensive on the Height 1 211 was expected.

However the President told him to go to the clinic for medical care and come back after his recovery and that they would undertake defending the Height in his absence. Finally the President made sure that he should accept it as the order of supreme commander.

It was an order filled with loving care to be given only by the President who made much of and loved revolutionary comrades as his own flesh and blood.

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