Chronicles of Korean Feudal Dynasty Rescued

One day in early July Juche 39 (1950), President Kim Il Sung called some prestigious historians who had worked at education field to the supreme command.

The President said that he was going to send them to Seoul for Chronicles of the Korean Feudal Dynasty. He declared that all the precious the Korean nation had long achieved were in danger with the war broken and that they should rescue them at any cost.

He traced out the course toward the rescue of Chronicles and issued an order for the commanding personnel of the People’s Army to urgently provide military vehicles and to be responsible for rescuing the Chronicles and escorting them.

However, the President did not feel at ease. So, he wrote his order on offering maximum advantages to historians and sent it to the front commander.

Under his warm care for the country and nation, the Chronicles that had been neglected and might have burnt at the Kyujang Pavilion was rescued to be safely kept in custody at the supreme command and became well-known to the public.

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