Instructive Guidance (1)

Sparing Nothing for Talent Training

One day in May 1993 President Kim Il Sung expressed great satisfaction, looking round a new building of the Kim Chaek University of Technology. The construction began in 1989 to carry out his instruction that the university campus should be expanded towards the Taedong River by erecting new buildings.

At the time, as a number of large-scale construction projects were well under way across the country, the supply of building materials like cement and steel was under great strain. Nevertheless, the President made up his mind to push ahead with the university’s project and fixed the date of completion of the project. Then, he made arrangements to supply whatever was needed for the construction, including building workers, materials which had been kept for emergency use and even a large sum of money for purchase of coloured panes and finishing materials. The school building with the total floor space of more than 90 000 square metres, a dormitory and a refectory came to be completed in a little over three years.

The President wrote in person the signboard of the university and said to the school administrators that the Kim Chaek University of Technology assumes an important mission to train sci-tech personnel of the country and that it should produce lots of competent scientists and technicians by constantly improving the teaching work as required by the developing reality.

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