Though Regret of Parents Is All Merged

It happened on July 13, Juche 88(1999) when Chairman Kim Jong Il left the farm fields and set out on the road after his field guidance to the Sinam Cooperative Farm in Ryongchon County.

No one knew when farmers gathered, but they were cheering hurrah for him around the observation pavilion.

Some of them jumped up and down to go as far as the road.

Saying silently that farmers seemed to know that he came, the Chairman didn’t take his eyes off from his car window.

That day he was ill at ease as he didn’t stop his car to talk to them he looked at for a moment inside his running car.

Looking at him, the officials imagined that it would be so regretful if parents failed to see their lovely sons and daughters within a calling distance and that their regret would all be never compared to that of the Chairman he felt on that day.

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