Kim Jong Suk Nursery

This nursery was set up in February 1948 at the initiative of Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war heroine, for the first time in the DPRK.

Located in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, the nursery looks after children aged between 2.5 and 4 whose mothers are journalists, artistes, teachers and doctors in Pyongyang, even sometimes when they are on business trips for weeks or months.

Sprawling over 7 800 square metres, it consists of three main buildings with nursing and education facilities and one auxiliary building for welfare service which blend so well with each other.

On the front wall in the central hall there is an acrylic painting depicting Kim Jong Suk among children and the floor is jewel-encrusted.

The nursery is provided with all conditions for childcare which are satisfied at state expense. It has established a scientific system of nourishment, health care and sanitation according to children’s age and growth. There are scores of rooms for children in sunny places, a playground and a wading pool and a sick ward and a dining room.

Every Monday children led by their parents are handed over to the nurses. They spend days under their care for nearly one week.

The nurses take care of the children under their charge just as their mothers would do until they reach the age when they go to kindergarten according to the childcare responsibility system.

The children are divided into two classes–education and preparation—according to their age and level of intellectual growth.

They receive education in ways that they love labour, treasure national and public wealth and treat their friends so fondly. They learn mother tongue through visual aids. The intellectual playing room and natural observation room are devoted to cultivating their intellect and developing their ability to think and observe. Meanwhile, they are educated to have good manners and get accustomed to a hygienic and cultural way of life. They are also given education of how to dance and play musical instruments. In the course of this they are brought up as children with rich emotions and artistic talent.

So far a large number of foreigners and Korean compatriots have visited the nursery. They unanimously expressed admiration for the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards children as the “king” of the country out of love for the coming generations and future.

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