Anhwa Temple

Anhwa Temple is located on the side of Mt Songak which is 4km away from the Namdae Gate in Kaesong.

Built by Wang Kon (877-943), founder king of Koryo, to pray for the soul of his cousin Wang Sin who died for territorial unification of the country, the temple consists of the Taeung Hall, Opaek Hall, seven-storeyed stone tower and domitary for Buddhist monks.

It was originally a small temple, but it was expanded during the reign of King Ye Jong (1106-1122), the 16th monarch of Koryo.

It was so magnificent and graceful that it was known to other countries.

As the scenery around the temple was wonderful, many kings of Koryo frequented it and many people composed poems there.

In Opaek Hall, 500 Buddha’s disciples with different gestures and looks are arranged in seven tiers on both sides of Buddha. The hall is quite worth a visit as it is still impressive.

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