Kim Jong Un Sends Medicines to Haeju City Committee of WPK

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, sent medicines prepared by his family to the Haeju City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea of South Hwanghae Province on June 15 as an acute enteric epidemic broke out in the city.

Handing the medicines over to the Party committee of the WPK Central Committee, the General Secretary asked it to send the relief medicines to the Haeju City Party Committee and make sure that the city Party committee concretely grasps the households suffering from the epidemic and hands the medicines over to them as soon as possible to contribute to their treatment even a little.

He instructed the primary Party committees and Party cells of the departments of the WPK Central Committee to well organize the work for sincerely preparing and sending medicines needed for curing the epidemic that broke out in and around Haeju City and Kangnyong County so as to fulfil their bounden duties as officials of the Party Central Committee.

He stressed the need to stamp out the infectious disease as early as possible by taking a well-knit measure to quarantine the suspected cases to thoroughly cut off its transmission routes, identifying patients through epidemiological examination and scientific tests, intensifying the sterilization of infected areas and making the public health institutions in relevant areas intensively treat the patients with utmost sincerity.


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