Chongsan Plain Has an Unusual History

In May Juche 60(1971), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Chongsan Plain at the height of rice-planting and looked out over the people for a while who bent their waists to plant rice seedlings.

He told farm officials that President Kim Il Sung would feel grieved if he saw farmers planting rice seedlings by hands not by machine and instructed them earnestly to do rice planting by machine whatever the circumstance might be.

Saying that he would plant rice seedlings as he came out to the battlefield, he stepped into a rice field and began planting dexterously.

Our Chairman is planting rice seedlings!

It created a great sensation across the Chongsan Plain.

Such a strong sense of emotion was cherished in the hearts of the Chongsan-ri people together with the noble intention of the Chairman who had tried to build the comprehensively mechanized socialist rural economy from at the Chongsan-ri marked with the immortal traces of the President.

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