Song Composed by Head of the Music Company of Cyprus

No, You Didn’t Pass Away

…Oh, glory to You our Angel,
You, our light, glimmer and rejoice.
And rejoice our most faithful soul to You in the world.
And if paradise exists somewhere else too,
it exists only for those who did not betray love faithful and devotion,
and kept all those like an ultimate sacred thing,
that they truly loved,
No, no, You didn’t pass away
We still love you as always before,
only jealousies could separate us,
but this is something that we hate,
and we only love You.
You are always in our memories and in our sweet dreams.
With You, there is no loneliness for us,
and we state with a stentorian voice:
No, You didn’t pass away,
No, You didn’t pass away,
No, You didn’t pass away.


A Great Lifetime Brightened History

A lifetime
A brilliant lifetime
On the day that brought humanity to the acme of freedom
With the stream of times
It will go eternally
In the hearts of proud people who experienced history
On the course of history

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