Praising for Great Man Echoed (1)

President Kim Il Sung was highly celebrated from a lot of renowned figures as the world elder statesman and outstanding national leader for his greatest exploits in the political history of the 20th century.

Chairman Mao Zhedong said: “There is no one but Comrade Kim Il Sung who will be taking charge of world revolution. I am sincerely asking Comrade Kim Il Sung to continue leading world revolution and international communist movement in the future.”

Soviet leader Stalin spoke: “Comrade Kim Il Sung is truly a proletarian internationalist and the paragon of communist movement. He defended Soviet Union from imperialist aggression at the cost of the blood and with arms in the East.”

French president Mitterrand narrated that President Kim Il Sung was a great head of state. He was the premier great man among all acting great men till today since the World War Two. Luckily I was only one leader to see him among G 7 leaders. I think it was a great honor to me.

Che Guevara recited: “I was greatly impacted by what Comrade Kim Il Sung said to help Cuban people though your country feels somewhat difficult. In fact, I traveled not a few countries, but did not find any country that is willing to help us selflessly.… Respected Comrade Kim Il Sung’s comment completely touched my heart. … From this moment on, I will keep them as eternal motto of my life. And upon my oath I will be loyal to it to the last.”

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