Cheers of Hurrah Shook Hanoi

On November 28 Juche 47(1958), seventy thousand Vietnamese people gathered in Padin Square in Hanoi to welcome President Kim Il Sung.

When the President finished his speech and went back to his place, the moderator went to the rostrum in order to announce the mass rally to be closed. 

At that time, president Ho Chi Minh said “Wait!” He took the rostrum and said that he was not scheduled for a speech at the rally, but he could not help uttering a few words as they felt highly honored by presence of Comrade Kim Il Sung. He went on speaking that Comrade Kim Il Sung was a peerless hero who had defeated two imperialist forces for the first time in the East and an outstanding leader who was constructing a new society and that the Korean people were striking the world with admiration as they rushed toward the high peak of socialism like the wind on the Chollima under his leadership. Finishing his speech, he asked his countrymen if they could ride the Chollima like Korean brothers. 

They replied unanimously that they could. 

Then president Ho led a cheer calling upon them to cheer Comrade Kim Il Sung who encouraged the Chollima spirit in their mind as a token of thanks.

A moment later, cheers of “Hurrah!” startled the world.

It was really impressive that the grey whiskered president Ho waved his two hands.

The uncommon closing process of the rally nowhere seen so far was indeed the noblest and most beautiful picture that president Ho and Vietnamese people could make as they absolutely trusted in President Kim Il Sung, the leader of world revolution and legendary hero.

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