Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Delivers Opening Address at Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of WPK

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, gave an opening address at the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea on February 26.

He first expressed his pleasure to personally extend his gratitude to the secretaries of primary committees who have taken much more trouble for the Party and the state in the basic Party organizations than any others over the past five years since the first gathering of secretaries of primary committees of the WPK in the history of the Party.

He said that the main secret of our Party’s overcoming unprecedented challenges and ordeals and leading the revolution in a firm and correct way in recent years lies in that the secretaries of primary committees discharged their duties well in the basic organizations of the Party. He extended warm militant greetings to the secretaries of the primary committees who have taken part in the conference with the pride of having made a positive contribution to the strengthening and development of the Party and the vigorous advance of socialist construction, and all other secretaries of the primary committees of the entire Party who are striving to implement the decisions made at the Party Congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee, by taking charge of the basic fighting units for implementing the Party’s policies.

He referred to the Party Central Committee’s intention of attaching special importance to the conference.

The Party Rules stipulate that the conference of secretaries of the primary committees of the Party shall be convened every five years, he said, adding that this is aimed at orientating all the activities of the Party primary committees towards the implementation of the fighting programme indicated by the Party Congress. He also said that the work of the Party’s basic organizations should be often appraised and reviewed so as to thoroughly ensure unity in thinking and action of the entire Party and that this fully conforms with the idea of attaching importance to the strengthening of the basic organizations, the line of strengthening the entire Party and the requirements of Juche-oriented Party building and activities.

The decisions of the Eighth Party Congress are the immediate strategy and tactics to put the country’s economy and the people’s living standards on a stable track and to fully display our-state-first and people-first principles in all domains of social life and a supreme task that has to be achieved without fail for the future destiny of our revolution, he said. Whether these responsible and important tasks of the times are correctly implemented or not entirely depends on the role of Party organizations, most importantly the role of the primary Party organizations, he noted.

Saying that if all the Party organizations ranging from the Party Central Committee to its basic organizations achieve unity in thinking and action and vigorously carry on the struggle as one, there would be nothing impossible, he stated that this is clearly proved by the course of the last year’s struggle in which the great victory was won in the unprecedentedly harsh environment.

Saying that though we faced graver challenges and difficulties than those in the previous period, clear and positive changes could be made in all fields as all the Party organizations were awakened and aroused last year, he highly appreciated that an important factor contributing to producing the desired result was especially the role of the primary Party organizations which had conducted dynamic organizational and political work to unconditionally carry out the decisions and instructions of the Party Central Committee.

The General Secretary said that the Party Central Committee has prioritized the work of strengthening the primary Party committees as one of the two tasks in strengthening the entire Party along with that of strengthening the Party cells, and has continued to direct great efforts to it.

It is the pride of our Party and a key factor and secret behind its invincibility that it has the firm foundation and basis, he said, stressing that the basic Party organizations are not maintained and consolidated of their own accord and this work should continuously be intensified in keeping with the advancing revolution and construction.

He referred to the fact that the guidance of the Party Central Committee over the work of the primary Party organizations became further detailed with the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK as the starting point and that, last year alone, the Party Central Committee carefully discussed the ways to improve the work of the primary Party organizations on several occasions, including the plenary meetings, and gave assignments as part of the work to embolden the basic Party organizations in every way.

He cited the serious deviations of failing to meet the requirements of the developing reality, though a lot of primary Party organizations underwent signal development and their position and role became further enhanced and activated. He pointed to the need for everyone to share experience gained in improving work and learn a lesson from mistakes.

An important purpose of the conference, he stated, is to review the past five-year work of the primary Party organizations from a critical point of view and identify the major link in the whole chain of efforts to improve and strengthen the work of the primary Party organizations in line with the remarkably high requirements of the developing revolution so as to make it known to the secretaries of all the primary Party organizations and arouse them once again.

Calling on all the participants to carry out a cool review of their units’ work and actively learn from and share the experience and good methods of excellent primary Party organizations by attending the conference with high political awareness, consciousness and clear purposefulness, he underscored the need to make the conference an epochal occasion in boosting the organizing ability, fighting efficiency and activity of every primary Party organization and a turning point in raising the political and practical ability of the secretaries of primary Party organizations to a new high.

Expressing his belief that the conference will be another important milestone in further strengthening the basic organizations of the Party and making innovation in Party work as required by the new stage of struggle to achieve the comprehensive development of socialist construction, he declared the conference open.

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