Talented Person and Nature

On January 5, Juche 95(2006), Chairman Kim Jong Il met several little kids of talent brought up at Ponbu Kindergarten of Sinuiju City.

The Chairman was so satisfied to see them write and paint well and asked their teachers about how to raise such little kids of talent.

A teacher told the Chairman that they usually find the buds of their inborn talent at first and train them by backing up kindergarten and professional education.

He said that it was reasonable and put an emphasis that inborn talent should certainly be regarded as the main factor in talent education and genius education in particular. He resumed that teachers, kindergarteners and officials should be veterans first in finding the buds of inborn talent and cultivating them to the full by supporting professional and systematic education.

Nature is fundamental. Treasure and cultivate it to the full!

His assertion was a vital guiding principle in educating young generation and talented students for future destiny of the country.

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