Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Guides Test launch of ICBM Hwasongpho-17

Striking Demonstration of Great Military Muscle of Juche Korea: Successful Test-launch of New-type ICBM

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Guides Test launch of ICBM Hwasongpho-17

The test-launch of a new-type intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasongpho-17 of the DPRK strategic forces was conducted on March 24 2022 under the direct guidance of Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK. 

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave a written order to conduct the test-launch of the new-type ICBM of the DPRK strategic forces on March 23. He visited the launch ground on March 24 and personally guided the whole process of the test-launch of the new-type ICBM Hwasongpho-17.

With his deep insight into the ever-changing international political situation, the root cause of the daily-escalating military tension in and around the Korean peninsula and the long-term demand of our revolution that stems from the inevitability of the long-standing confrontation with the US imperialists accompanied by the danger of a nuclear war, the General Secretary put forward the Juche-oriented defence development strategy and the policy of bolstering in a sustained way the nuclear war deterrence at the historic Eighth Congress of the WPK. Organizing and directing the crucial endeavours for building up the national defence capabilities to implement the strategy and policy, he, with top priority given to the development of the new-type ICBM in particular, provided detailed guidance and directions almost every day and made sure that the Hwasongpho-17 type weapon system was completed as a symbol of Juche power and creation of self-reliance, a core strike means and a reliable nuclear war deterrent of the DPRK strategic forces.

Fully armed with his original idea on self-reliant defence strategy, officials, scientists and technicians in the field of national defence scientific research and the heroic workers in the munitions field, under his direct guidance, vigorously waged a research, development and production campaign with creative wisdom and unyielding mentality, thereby producing the new-type ICBM in a short time.

Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the preparations for the test-launch of the weapon system at first hand on the spot on the afternoon of March 24 and gave an order to advance to the launching position.

He went to the launching position and gave detailed guidance until the last processes of the preparations for its launch, giving strength and courage to the defence scientists and missile maintenance crew involved in the launch to bring about a momentous time when the epochal development of the defence capabilities of the country would be demonstrated all over the world.

They were ready for the test launch, and the moment of a historic event came.

The launching ground counting down to the test-launch of the huge strategic weapon was seething with eager anticipation of all the defence scientists and munitions workers to inform the whole world of the production of another powerful nuclear attack means by Juche Korea and to demonstrate with pride the reliable DPRK’s nuclear war deterrent force.

After the General Secretary entered the general launch control centre together with leading officials in the defence science research field, a combat alarm for the launch was sounded at the launching position, test observation technical posts and relevant test research institutes.

Then the launch order given by the General Secretary reached the firepower sub-unit and the commander of the Red Flag Company entrusted with the test-launch shouted the command “Fire!”

That moment, brightening flame heated the earth along with a loud boom and the huge entity representing the invincible power of the DPRK soared into space.

The test launch was carried out in a vertical launch mode in consideration of the security of neighbouring countries.

The missile, launched at Pyongyang International Airport, traveled up to a maximum altitude of 6 248.5 km and flew a distance of 1 090 km for 4 052s before accurately hitting the pre-set area in open waters of the East Sea of Korea.

The test-launch clearly proved that all the parameters of the weapon system exactly met the design requirements and that its prompt operation can be guaranteed scientifically, technically and practically under wartime environment and conditions.

The new-type weapon system to be operated by the strategic forces of the DPRK under a state nuclear force building plan will creditably perform its mission and duty as a powerful nuclear war deterrent of putting under strict control the nuclear war threats and challenges against the DPRK, taking the initiative to cope with any military crisis and defending the security of the country.

Kim Jong Un said with pride that the emergence of the new strategic weapon of the DPRK would make the whole world clearly aware of the power of our strategic armed forces once again, that the event would be an occasion for convincing the world of the modern feature of our strategic forces and further consolidating the foundation of guarantee for and confidence in security of the state based on it, and that the successful development of the new-type ICBM, the complex of ultra-modern defence science and technology, is a striking manifestation of the might of our independent defence industry that started and developed by our own strength.

He said that this miraculous victory is a priceless victory won by the great Korean people who have unconditionally upheld our Party’s lines for building up the self-reliant defence and the nuclear force while pooling their efforts for the security of the country and the eternal well-being of the future generations despite all kinds of difficulties.

Noting that steadfast is the strategic choice and determination of our Party and government to keep bolstering the powerful nuclear war deterrent qualitatively and quantitatively so as to ensure the security of the country and cope with all kinds of potential crises in the future, he said that to possess incomparably superior military attack capabilities means possessing the most reliable war deterrent, national defence capabilities. The DPRK would as ever focus all state efforts on increasing the defence capabilities on a top priority basis, he said, declaring that this is the resolution made by our Party for the defence of national dignity, sovereignty and peace and for the eternal well-being of the country and the future generations and a noble choice made by our people themselves.

He said that any forces should be made well aware of the fact that they will have to pay a very dear price before daring to attempt to infringe upon the security of our country. He stressed that our national defence forces would possess formidable military and technical capabilities unperturbed by any military threat and blackmail and keep themselves fully ready for long-standing confrontation with the US imperialists.

He affirmed that the strategic forces of the DPRK are fully ready to thoroughly curb and contain any dangerous military attempts of the US imperialists.

He had a photo taken with the combatants of the Red Flag Company and major defence science officials who contributed to demonstrating the strategic position of the DPRK to the world.

All the defence scientists, who came to enjoy the greatest love and trust under the care of the General Secretary at the significant moment of strikingly demonstrating the tremendous strength of the country to the world, pledged to develop more invincible nuclear attack means for the country, the Party and the respected General Secretary in the future, too.

The absolute power, the invincible nuclear war deterrent for self-defence can be secured only by the great WPK and the great Korean people.

This powerful nuclear force of justice possessed by the great WPK and the great Korean people will reliably defend the victorious advance of our revolution and the eternal well-being of the future generations by humbling the US imperialists and their vassal forces showing off their military edge.


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