Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Construction of Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm Held

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Stirring Speech and Shovels First Spadeful of Earth

A large-scale modern greenhouse farm is to appear in the Ryonpho area of Hamju County, South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK, as decided and assigned at the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) where the far-reaching plan for bringing about the comprehensive development of our style of socialist construction was unfolded.

The Party Central Committee, which regards it as the supreme principle of its activities to promote the civilization and welfare of the people, formulated it as a policy to build modern and profitable greenhouse farms on a large scale across the country and improve the standard of people’s diet. It set it as the top priority of the major state construction policy tasks for the year 2022 to build the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm and entrusted the honorable task to the units of the People’s Army which had accumulated lots of experience in greenhouse farm construction.

There was a grand ground-breaking ceremony on February 18.

The revolutionary enthusiasm and militant stamina of the soldier-builders, who were determined to wonderfully complete the construction project entrusted to them through an all-out charge of loyalty and brilliantly adorn this significant year with shining achievement in devotedly carrying out the Party’s policies, prevailed in the ceremony venue starting the worthwhile project for realizing the cherished desire of our Party.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, attended the ceremony.

When he arrived at the venue, all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of “hurrah!” for him who is bringing into great reality the dream and ideal of the people with his warm loving care of them and indefatigable thinking and devotion to them.

Present there were Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary for Organizational Affairs of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Jong Nam, chief secretary of the South Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the WPK, and officials and working people in South Hamgyong Province.

Also on hand were Ri Yong Gil, Kim Jong Gwan and other officials of the armed forces organs and soldier-builders.

When the start of the ceremony was declared, the national anthem of the DPRK was solemnly played.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a stirring speech.

He expressed excitement at launching the construction of the large-scale greenhouse farm to be greatly helpful to the life of residents in Hamhung City and South Hamgyong Province in the wake of the start of the construction of 10 000 flats for the year 2022 which is of weighty significance in solving a housing problem in the capital city. He made a militant solute to the service personnel and other construction workers who gathered on the Ryonpho front out of a will to successfully carry out the most important construction policy task of the Party and the state.

Noting that the Party Central Committee has planned to build a modern greenhouse farm in the Ryonpho area from several years ago, always showing concern for the supply of vegetables to the people in Hamhung City, a major industrial and science city of the country, and South Hamgyong Province as an important affair, and stepped up the preparations for its construction, he mentioned the significance and importance of the construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm.

He underlined the plan of the Party Central Committee to build the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm to be the largest modern one, which will be a farm of practical education disseminating the advanced agricultural technology and a new base for creating the Korean-style rural civilization, and a socialist civilized farm good to live and work in, and to more powerfully and confidently push ahead with the comprehensive rural development throughout the country with the greenhouse as a standard and a beacon. And he set forth the tasks and ways for dynamically accelerating the construction.

Calling for making redoubled efforts to provide creation for the people as early as possible for the rosy future of the country to be more prosperous and overflowing with happiness at every home, he expressed expectation and belief that the heroic men and officers of the People’s Army will creditably carry out the order of the Party Central Committee by displaying the militant spirit of the revolutionary army to the full.

After he finished his speech full of the noble intention of believing in the people as in heaven and the great trust in the soldier-builders, all the emotion-charged participants raised enthusiastic cheers again, which resounded far and wide.

Kim Myong Sik and Kim Kwang Hyok, general officers of the Korean People’s Army, made pledge speeches at the ceremony.

They said that all the soldier-builders are filled with burning enthusiasm for fully demonstrating the ever-victorious spirit of the revolutionary army of the Party in the worthwhile and glorious campaign for materializing the plan of the Party Central Committee upon receiving the heartening call of the respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

They expressed a firm will to effect another round of miracle in the Ryonpho campaign in the same spirit as they built the modern greenhouse farm in the Jungphyong area.

They firmly pledged, in reflection of all the soldier-builders’ unanimous will, to complete all the structures in the Ryonpho area to be models of rural development in the new era and a symbol of the Party’s people-first principle, and make a report of loyalty and victory to the Party Central Committee.

Kim Jong Un shoveled the first spadeful of earth in commemoration of the ground-breaking ceremony and personally pressed the button for blasting.

This was followed by a loud boom of the blasting signalling the start of the construction and then a series of fireworks.

The venue which would write a shining page in history was full of deep reverence for and feelings of trust of the participants in Kim Jong Un who always brings about the best results while considering the work for the people as the one of foremost importance, a top-priority one that can never be delayed even a minute.

Kim Jong Un gave warm encouragement to all the soldier-builders, expressing his expectation and conviction that they would fulfill their honorable mission and duty as thorough-going executors of the Party’s plans and policies and creators of happiness for the people in the on-going construction project in the same devoted fighting spirit and stamina with which they had always responded to the Party’s calls with perfect practical results.

The soldier-builders shouted “Kim Jong Un” and “devoted defence” at the top of their voices, reflective of their deep reverence for Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un who came to the spot, busy as he was shouldering upon himself all the Party and state affairs, and showed deep trust and love for them.

The venue, charged with the resilient feelings of kinship between the leader and soldiers, was full of the transparent faith of service personnel that there is nothing impossible as long as the Party places trust in them and that the greatest honour of one’s life lies in upholding the Party Central Committee.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un waved back long to the dependable soldier-builders full of courage and enthusiasm to become fortresses and shields defending the idea and cause of the Party Central Committee and throw themselves into implementing them.

The construction of the greenhouse farm reflective of our great Party Central Committee’s noble outlook on the people will give a boost to the revolutionary enthusiasm of all the people out in the general advance to carry through the grand fighting task and the socialist rural construction programme set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party.


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