Exposing Himself to Cold Snow for Students

On the morning of January 1 Juche 86(1997), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School to acquaint himself in detail with the life of the students and showed them benevolent affection.

When he came out to the venue for a photo session with the students, the Chairman`s face clouded. It was cold outside as it was a winter day and therefore he was worried about the schoolchildren. He suggested having a photograph taken later in warm weather.

But as the officials of the school told him it was an ardent desire of the students to have a photo taken with him, the Chairman said they might be cold and the precious children should not catch cold, and pressed the officials to hurry up as he quickened his pace towards the photographing place.

Although he spared no pains for the students, exposing himself to cold snow, he was so solicitous of them lest they be exposed to wind or snow. The Chairman was indeed the benevolent father of the students.

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