Photo Taken with Those Who Contributed to Successful Test-launch of Hwasongpho-17

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had a photo session with the officials, scientists, technicians and workers in the field of the defence industry who contributed to the successful test-launch of new-type ICBM Hwasongpho-17.

Kim Jong Sik and Jang Chang Ha were present there.

The venue of the photo session was seething with the great joy and excitement of the participants who were to have a significant photo taken, which will be taken as their honour all their lives, under the loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, amid the blessings of the people across the country. They are filled with the great pride and honor of having produced a core nuclear strike means representing the DPRK strategic forces, another fruition and great creation of self-reliance born of their own efforts in the course of the sacred struggle to sharpen the treasured sword for defending the dignity and sovereignty and peace of the country.

As General Secretary Kim Jong Un came to the venue, all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of “hurrah!”, paying highest tribute to him symbolic of the mightiness of Juche Korea and the ever-victorious banner, who has brought about the remarkable event of demonstrating once again the innovative development of the country’s defence capabilities all over the world with the faith of Mt Paektu, steel-strong will and extraordinary leadership ability.

He sent militant salute of warm congratulations to the reliable soldiers in the defence industrial field who made contribution to consolidating the war deterrent, more perfect and stronger, for reliably defending the security and future of the country and the people with the indomitable spirit, boundless devotion and matchless creativity whereby they have wrought unprecedented miracles to meet any demand of the Party and the revolution, unconditionally and absolutely supporting it.

He also offered warm congratulations and all glory to our great people who built by their own efforts the absolute force of self-defence that can not be bartered nor be bought with anything and held it firm without the slightest vacillation in the face of harsh trials and difficulties. He said that this signal Juche-oriented development of the national defence would have been unthinkable without the trust and ardent patriotism of all the people who rendered unconditional and absolute support and encouragement to the indispensable sacred cause of building up the country’s nuclear war deterrent.

We must be strong sure enough to defend peace, accelerate socialist construction and ensure the security of the rising generations, free from any threat, he said. He expressed once again our Party’s will for building the strong defence capabilities to defend the security and future of our country and people by the strategic, absolute force, more reliable and perfect and stronger.

The defence capabilities in the true sense of word precisely mean the powerful striking capabilities, he said, adding that only when one is equipped with the formidable striking capabilities, overwhelming military power that cannot be stopped by anyone, is it possible for one to prevent a war, guarantee the security of the country and contain and put under control all threats and blackmails by the imperialists. He declared that we would continue to attain the defence upbuilding goal and develop much more powerful strike means to equip our army with them.

The unyielding revolutionary spirit and exceptional patriotism displayed by the defence industry scientists and technicians and the munitions industry workers who are devotedly carrying into practice the Party’s unique idea on the self-reliant defence strategy constitute the inexhaustible strength of our Party, he said, expressing his expectation and conviction that they would as ever strive with redoubled courage for the development and security of our great state and the victorious advance of our revolutionary cause, and thus perfect the country’s nuclear war deterrent at an accelerating pace.

Encouraged by his deep trust and warm benevolence, all the participants made their firm pledge to steadily and vigorously attain the ultra-modern goals for bolstering up the defence capabilities so as to make the military technological advantages, the absolute strength possessed by Juche Korea, more irreversible in loyal support of the Party Central Committee’s grand plan and determination.

The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea gave a reception for the officials, scientists, technicians and workers in the field of defence industry who contributed to the successful test-launch of new-type ICBM Hwasongpho-17.


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