2021, Year of Proud Victory (1)

The Year Immersed in Happy Events for Moves to New Houses

During the 2021, the first year of new five-year plan for national economic development in the DPRK, new houses were built to completion and thousands of families settled in their homes of happiness across the country including the Samjiyon City tremendously changed into a wonderful standard of mountain city, the ideal model of local city.

The exciting and joyful appearance of the ordinary people who have become the masters of new houses is found nowhere except the socialist Korea.

New houses were built for hundreds of families in North Phyongan Province

Another event for joyful moves to new houses was in Samjiyon City, the sanctuary of revolution

About 700 families moved to the newly built houses in Namdong-ri, Phyongwon County

Houses were built for thousands of families in Jagang Province

Over a hundred families moved to the newly built houses in Kaesong City

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