Rejected Design

On January 11 Juche 69(1980) Chairman Kim Jong Il told officials about building an ice rink in Pyongyang and instructed that it should be well built enough to host international games.

One day as he studied its design, he asked why it was planned being closed from June up to October every year.

Officials replied that they were obliged to decide not to open the ice rink in hot season, because the expensive air condenser had to be taken in order to cool down indoor air that extremely goes up in summer.

The Chairman told them to revise the design so that the ice rink could open all the year round, as he would send all the necessary air condensers.

And he felt that setting up ventilators was not expected either. So, warning that even a little polluted air should not be allowed in the rink, he encouraged them to take a measure to get air ventilated by 100 percent.

Thanks to his great effort, the ice rink that opens throughout the year with clean air as usual was erected around the Pothong River.

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