Beloved Soldiers

In March Juche 102(2013) when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected a unit of the People`s Army, he walked into a kitchen.

Looking down at many kinds of foods satisfactorily, he pointed out to the need to provide soldiers with warm beds and rich dinner table in order to make them feel the company as their dear homes and said that he was pleased most when he went in comfortably warm bedrooms for soldiers and kitchens piled high with foods.

After a while, he stressed the officers to take good care of them as the Party placed beloved soldiers under the care of officers in command.

It intensively expresses the noble view on soldiers of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who treasures and loves each of them with paternal care and his earnest request for all commanding officers of the People’s Army to warmly take good care of their soldiers as befitting their eldest brothers and sisters and genuine comrades.

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