A Woman’s Wish Comes True

A few years ago, General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea paid his fourth visit to a fishery station on the east coast.

When he was about to pose for a photograph with the employees and their wives, the Party official of the station told him that the manager’s wife failed to take part in the photo session during his three rounds of visit for her illness.

Noting that she would be disappointed if she missed that time, too, he asked the official to bring her by his car.

Whenever she was told that the General Secretary had photo sessions with the employees’ wives working in their wharf during his visits, she had a wish for a chance to have a photo taken with him.

Upon her arrival at the venue, she extended her gratitude to Kim Jong Un.

He earnestly asked her to recover her health as soon as possible and help her husband in his work well so that he could discharge his duty more creditably.

Then, he posed for a picture with the manager and his wife.

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