A Photo Taken with Military Officers’ Wives

The following happened on one March day in Juche 101 (2012), when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected the frontline post on Cho Island in the West Sea of Korea.

Noting that he came to see the soldiers on the island reliably defending a frontline post on the west coast of the country, he posed for a photograph with officers and men of the island-defending unit. When he was walking to look round several places of the unit, he happened to see some women raising cheers on a nearby hill.

Informed that they were wives of the officers of the unit, he said as follows: I feel like I can’t move on, although I’m very busy with my on-site guidance trip, at the sight of them warmly welcoming me, the Supreme Commander, raising cheers for me at the top of the hill; they came to this far-flung island following their husbands and are devoting their all to improving the soldiers’ living in spite of their difficult living conditions; I can’t go only after waving my hand back to them; I’ll pose for a photo with them, too; please bring them all.

He then motioned to them to come.

The wives were at a loss what to do at the sudden call of the Supreme Commander, for most of them were wearing work or casual clothes as they had rushed there, surprised by the cheers in the playground.

Being attracted by the women who looked embarrassed, he moved a few steps close to the place where they were standing and beckoned to them again.

The women rushed to him all at once.

After a while, Kim Jong Un had a photo taken with them defending an outpost of the country as the eternal revolutionary comrades-in-arms and “assistant gunners” of their husbands.

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