Chol Pass, a Witness to the Patriotic Devotion of the Brilliant Commander of the Paektu

Chol Pass is situated at the eastern mountains of Kangwon Province of the DPRK.

Chairman Kim Jong Il had gone across the steep Chol Pass too many times to count and inspected the units in the forefront with a “do-or-die” spirit to push his way through the difficulties and trials weighed heavily upon the country together with the People`s Army.

He had gone over the pass not only in spring days but also in sultry summer and in the blizzards of winter. One year, he went over it four times and, some year ago, twice a month and two times for two days. 

It was owing to his endless march along the road to the front with his ardent love that the People’s Army was strengthened and developed into an elite revolutionary army and the country and people were firmly defended.

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