Absolute Criterion for Creation

The following happened one day in July Juche 75 (1986) when Chairman Kim Jong Il examined the layouts for designing a schoolchildren’s palace to be built in the Mangyongdae area.

Among them were various forms of layouts, including “Sunflower”, “Cradle of learning”, “Ambition”, “Star”, “Crystal”, “Embrace”, etc. An official asked him to comment on the criterion for estimating structures.

The Chairman told the official as follows: The appearance of a new building cannot be called a creation. The absolute criterion for success or failure in designing the layout of a structure depends on whether or not it has its own characteristics as a new thing. The value of creation can be measured only by means of a new yardstick. The new yardstick what I mean is the aspirations and demands of our people who regard creation as the mode of their life.

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