Looking back on 2020-Tears of Emotion and Gratitude

The afflicted areas of north and south Hamgyong provinces turned into a sea of thankful tears.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with flood damages while walking on the rugged seaside and took a measure to organize the elite Party member divisions of the capital and make rehabilitation battles.

A worker shed his tears of deep emotion and said: 

I lived with my mother after my father had died. I got worried about how to make living just when my house collapsed by typhoon. But when I heard that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un read our thoughts and made our houses to be newly built, I felt as if I had a dream.

The people on this land shed no tears of frustration and vacillation in trials and adversities but tears of gratitude in the warm bosom safeguarding their destiny. Truly, they are the happiest people.

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