Turning All Mountains into ‘Gold and Treasure Mountains

The DPRK set afforestation and its protection as an important state policy, regarding forests as an eternal asset for the development of the country and the prosperity of all coming generations, and is conducting brisk activities to restore forests to turn all mountains into “gold and treasure mountains”.

The population planted many trees in hundreds of thousands of hectares of areas across the country on the principles of planting the right tree species at the right place and in the right time, true to the noble intention of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to turn the mountains and rivers of the country into the people’s paradise covered with green foliage as soon as possible, and is maximizing their rooting rate.

With activities to build and rebuild tree nurseries gaining speed, the sapling production capacity has remarkably been raised, the national online forest fire monitoring system established and new machines developed to contribute greatly to creating and protecting forests of economic value and timber and scenic forests.

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