National Treasure of the DPRK- “Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures Printed from 80 000 Wooden Blocks”

“The complete collection of Buddhist scriptures printed from 80 000 wooden blocks” manufactured in Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) is also included in the cultural heritages of the DPRK. 

Its name means that the wooden blocks on which scriptures were engraved total 80 000. This complete collection may be calculated as 6 793 volumes in 1 530 kinds of books. Each block is 69.6cm long, 24cm wide and 3.7cm thick. It has 22 lines and 14 letters in each line.

Years of composition, subjects of scriptures, names of sculptors and volume numbers were also carved in order to facilitate collection and reading.

This collection of Buddhist Scriptures, the national treasure of the DPRK, has been preserved in its original state at the archive of Myohyangsan History Museum, which had been used as the Pohyon Temple of Mt Myohyang.

When he visited the museum in June Juche 78(1989), President Kim Il Sung realized that some part of the collection had been shown. He told that they had to show the people the whole of the collection and taught them how to do it.

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