Devotion for the People’s Wellbeing

Regarding “The people are my God” as his motto throughout his life, President Kim Il Sung devoted his all for the good of the people.

On the early morning of May 10, Juche 41 (1952) when the Fatherland Liberation War was at its height, Kim Il Sung visited Wonhwa-ri in Phyongwon County.

When one of his entourage was about to wake up the owner of a farmhouse, he stopped him, saying that it would be unseemly to wake a person up from a sound sleep. Then, he stayed long in the cold courtyard till daybreak when the owner got up.

While giving a helping hand to farmers there, he discussed farming methods with them and learned about their living conditions.

On the early morning of January 9, Juche 51 (1962) he inspected a bean-curd factory in Central District of Pyongyang. After sampling the bean curd, he stressed the need to improve its taste, process bean-curd dregs and supply them to the citizens.

It was also on an early morning when he visited a fishing station on the west coast and showed great concern for the life of fishermen, even trying on their overalls; and so is the case when he gave field guidance to the Phyongnam irrigation waterway project, crossing rugged mountains and marshes.

At dawn in late August Juche 82 (1993), the last days of his life, he visited Yonbaek Plain to familiarize himself with crop conditions there.

Indeed, his frequent field guidance trip made at dawn was permeated with his love and devoted effort to provide his people with better living conditions and rosy future.

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