Calling Women Flowers

It was one day of March Juche 30(1941) when the Korean People`s Revolutionary Army made its way through the flames of the arduous anti-Japanese war under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung. There was a revolutionary song contest soon after supper. The President who appeared on the contest stage spoke that March 8, the next day, was the international women’s holiday and on that occasion he extended in the name of the headquarter of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army the warmest congratulations and honor to the woman comrades, the vanguards of Korean women and the flowers of the revolutionary army.

In his speech, he mentioned that in order to fulfill the task for social emancipation of women they should set up a social system to ensure their emancipation. And he stressed that only when they would establish the socialist system, a new society whose people would be the masters, they could ultimately solve the problem of women’s emancipation.

Woman soldiers were much excited by deep gratitude.

With their ages and backgrounds different, they were all the vanguards of Korean women and the flowers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army cared and held in esteem by the President.

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