Fascinated by Warm Tenderness

One day in May Juche 88(1999) Chairman Kim Jong Il met a Russian guest, who was on a visit to the DPRK, to talk with him, looking into his health and family circumstances one by one.

The Chairman told him to come together with his wife and other family members in the next time and often visit Pyongyang as if he comes to his house, adding only then can it be more cordial in friendship.

“Indeed, Comrade Kim Jong Il is like a mythical being in quality and moral influence and as warm as the sun in tenderness. He is the distinguished sage and great man who possesses the noble sentiment of the world. He is the supreme incarnation of human love who bestows the favour on the people, while penetrating into their real inward feelings and carefully considering their individual hopes and personal affairs,” he said to an official after returning to his lodgings.

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