Harmonious Whole Seen through Year 2020

The year 2020 was a meaningful year that vigorously demonstrated the will of the DPRK people to sincerely follow the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. It was the year when the people accepted as the most reasonable the lines and policies of the Workers` Party of Korea, which defended their independent dignity, interests, lives and happiness even from the great pandemic crisis sweeping the world and devastating natural disasters, and devotedly implemented them according to the set time and on the highest level desired by the Party. 

The deputy director of the international department of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea said that the wonderful successes recently made in the DPRK are the brilliant result brought by the outstanding guidance of His Excellency Kim Jong Un who has developed the Workers` Party of Korea into the motherly Party which formed a harmonious whole with the masses of the people, the Party that devotedly serves the people.

It is the reality in the DPRK that everyone trusts and follows the WPK as a genuine mother, the beacon of their fates, who gives the highest and absolute priority to the people’s interests.

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