First Trail Made on Tidal Flat

President Kim Il Sung went to a tidal flat in South Phyongan Province in June Juche 49(1960).

Looking at the rough land revealed at the ebb, he said that when the tideland was reclaimed, it would be more than enough to supply all the people with rice and suggested to accompanying officials going farther. 

The officials anxiously dissuaded him from going farther.

Pointing to the need not to mind any path for the good of the people, he said that if there was no path, we should make the first trail through the tidal flat and stepped into the muddy flat. As he stepped forward, the muddy water splashed him, but he walked on.

In the middle of the swamp, the President said it would be very nice to reclaim the field and told them about the bright prospect of tideland reclamation.

The first trail made on the tidal flat!

This was part of the President`s lifelong journey of devotion and exertion for the happiness of the people.

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