Symbol of Workers’ Party of Korea

Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Monument to Party Founding which was nearing completion in October 5 Juche 84(1995).

It was well built, he said, and asked an official quietly when he saw its miniature.

When the officials answered it was July 7 last year, the Chairman said it was regretful that he did not show it to the President.

He instructed that the Monument to Party Founding is a symbol of the Workers` Party of Korea, the Party of President Kim Il Sung, that struggles for the cause of the Juche revolution and the cause of global independence and of single-hearted unity of our society in which all the people advance, rallied firmly with one mind and idea around the Party and the leader.

The chairwoman of the International Democratic Women’s Union said after visiting the monument: “The Monument to Party Founding consisting of hammer, sickle and writing brush is associated with the strategic plan of Chairman Kim Jong Il who is going to put forward the workers, farmers and intellectuals as the basis of socialist state and defend them in the future, too. Glory to the WPK!”

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