Scenes Peculiar to the DPRK (3)

DPRK Is So Unusual

In the DPRK lots of popular policies have been enforced to promote the wellbeing of the working people.

To count a few, there are the universal free compulsory education system, the universal free medical care system and the recuperation and relaxation system.

After witnessing the happy life of the Korean people a few years ago, the head of the delegation of the Peruvian General Federation of Workers gave vent to his feelings. He said:

“Everything I saw and felt during my visit to the DPRK is so fresh and unforgettable that I feel as if I`ve come to a dreamland.

“This time I’ve come to see the DPRK with my own eyes, and I can say it is quite different from what the Western media propagandizes. …

“Those who have not witnessed this spectacular reality of the DPRK cannot believe it.

“There are many countries in the world and they pursue their own policies, but they cannot compare with the popular policies of the DPRK.

“Nowhere in the world can be found such a country like the DPRK, the land of promise, where the people enjoy their rights as masters of the state and society to their heart’s content.”

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