Mt Myohyang Tells A Story

On Mt Myohyang in the DPRK which is renowned for the unsurpassed scenery, there spread extensively the mountain-climbing route which is helpful to command a bird`s-eye view of the natural landscape.

In May Juche 70(1981) Chairman Kim Jong Il climbed the steep cliffy road to open up a new route and gave detailed instruction to set up safety facilities.

In the whole sections of mountain-climbing route running over 68km, safety rail chains were built, diverse shapes of bridges and more than 14 000 stairs built in various places of the mountain-climbing route and some 1 500 grooves of foot made in rocky roads.

Now the mountain-climbing route of Mt Myohyang has undergone a face-lift to make tourists go on the pleasant and safety sightseeing tour of the scenic landscape.

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