Story of Love Associated with Unjong Tea

The DPRK`s Unjong tea has fresh and delicious taste and contains vitamins and plenty of main ingredients that have various pharmacological actions.

The director of a Chinese tea research institute who drank the Unjong tea said that it had very unique taste and that the Kangnyong green tea, in particular, would gain the fair competitive edge in the international market.

The peerlessly great men spared no pains to make their people have such a good tea in their daily life.

In the 1980s President Kim Il Sung personally test-cultivated in his house tea tree seedlings which were sent as a gift from a foreign country, sent them to a place and took measures to acclimatize them. Thus the tea tree could break its growth limitation line and take roots in the Kangnyong peninsula near the 38th parallel of the north latitude.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, who made sure that the tea reflecting the loving care of the President was called “Unjong Tea”, showed close concern over the proper provision of conditions so that the Korean people could drink Unjong tea regularly, saying that if they produce and serve Unjong tea well people will always be able to drink good tea as desired by the President.

Some ten years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un saw the tea trees cultivated in the Kangnyong area, and not only put forward a high production goal to be attained in the coming years but also saw to it that a tea drink factory was built so that local people could drink tea easily wherever they go and whenever they want.

The Unjong tea, which has been placed dear to the life of the Korean people, is associated with the loving care for the people of the President, the Chairman and the Supreme Leader to provide them with affluent and civilized life as soon as possible.

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