Regarding People as His Mentor

One day in August Juche 64 (1975), President Kim Il Sung met an editor-in-chief of a news agency of a country on a visit to the DPRK.

The foreign guest had thought that the President would be assisted by professionals in his work as regards the affairs in the sectors of the economy and science and technology. So, he told the President as follows: You have a profound knowledge in all sectors of industry and agriculture. I think you probably read books of the economy and learn economic knowledge from experts.

But Kim Il Sung said in the following vein: I always go among workers, farmers and scholars to have conversations with them. The agricultural scientists mainly rely on books in their work, but farmers have various firsthand experiences as they do farming themselves. So I mix myself with farmers to lend an ear to their opinions and discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. The farmers and other working masses are my mentor.

As seen above, Kim Il Sung always regarded the people as his mentor and mapped out all policies in reflection of their will and demand.

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