Ice Sculpture Festival Held in DPRK

The “Ice Sculpture Festival-2020 in Celebration of the Day of the Shining Star” took place in Samjiyon City which was turned into an excellent model of mountainous cultured town, an ideal archetype of local town, to mark the meaningful February holiday.

On display at the venue were such ice sculptures as “Best Wishes” depicting the solemn spirit of Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution, along with the Jongil Peak and the native home of Chairman Kim Jong Il at the Paektusan Secret Camp, “Crystal Bridge” the Chairman had appreciated highly the wisdom of sculptors as he looked at it by the Samji lakeside. Those portraying the tiger on Mt Paektu, marchers on horseback in the vast Paektu plain and new history of golden mountains, fields and seas were also exhibited, arousing the admiration of visitors.

The festival added more colours to the joy in February.

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