Remembrance of Great Man (2)

First Dawn

Chairman Kim Jong Il, who started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers` Party of Korea on June 19 Juche 53(1964), burned the midnight oil in his office on the first day and greeted the following day.

It was long past 2:00 a.m.

After having a talk with an official from the Pyongyang Municipal Party Committee and seeing him off, he called on an official in his office which was still lighted.

He asked the official, who greeted him politely, why he had not yet returned home and told him not to work till late at night but leave the office without delay as people would get more tired at the turn of the seasons.

Accepting his kind advice, the official flung open the window, and fresh early morning air flowed into the room.

When the official said it was very refreshing to breathe early morning air, the Chairman told him that although many people knew the excellence of early morning air, there might not be so many people who breathed the air as they did and that revolutionaries would always get to be the first to do so.

And saying he would also like to breathe some early morning air to feel refreshed, he approached the window smilingly.

Looking up to the Chairman enjoying the nocturnal view of the capital city, the official recollected what he had just said.
Revolutionaries would always get to be the first to breathe early morning air!

It was indeed an uplifting saying reflecting the selfless devotion and burning passion of the great revolutionary.

With deep admiration and reverence for him, the official made a firm resolution to become a revolutionary who would always breathe the morning air earlier than others.

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