It is a scenic spot on the southeastern seashore of the Kalma peninsula in Wonsan City, Kangwon Province.

It is a sandbank stretching from Kalma peninsula to Wonsan bay. It is so called because it extends over a distance of 4 km. It is about 7 km long from the estuary of the Namdae stream (in Anbyon County). The sandbank is 0.7 km at the narrowest, 1.3 km at the widest. It is a very attractive place for sea bathing.

The north end of Myongsasipni is formed of a hillock about 100 m high above sea level. The seaside of the hillock has cliffs on which grow pine-trees, pine-nut trees and oak trees. Sweet briers are growing in groups on the sandbank.

Quite spectacular are red sweetbriers in groups on the sandbank, pine trees standing along the crystal-clear and blue seashore and the ever-rippling waves of the East Sea of Korea in good harmony.

The accommodation facilities on the hillock and the modern multi-storey buildings on the threshold of Myongsasipni add beauty to the wonderful scenery of Myongsasipni.

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