Munsu Water Park

It was inaugurated in October Juche102 (2013).

Its total floor space covers 109 000 m².

It is fully furnished with modern facilities, including outdoor and indoor swimming pools and baths, outdoor sporting courts and a gym, where people enjoy themselves all the year round.

The outdoor and indoor swimming pools and baths are well fitted with a variety of water slides and pools in different forms.

Spectacular manmade waterfalls and fantastic rocks and cliffs like those in Mts. Myohyang and Kumgang, Korea’s famous mountains, add more beauty to the water park.

There are also such public amenities as restaurants serving delicious dishes and soft-drink stands to the convenience of visitors.

The gym and outdoor playing courts are laid out for the visitors to play various sports events, including volleyball, basketball, badminton, rock climbing and trampolining.

In the indoor swimming baths there are various therapeutic saunas using salt, ochre and agate and rest places arranged in a unique style.

The comprehensive and multi-functional water park is always full of joy and laughter of holidaymakers.

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