An African Rhinoceros aboard a Large Cargo Craft

One day in April Juche 75 (1986), Chairman Kim Jong Il dropped in at the rhinoceros’s house during his visit to the Central Zoo.

Noting that people would be glad at the sight of rhinoceros, he said he felt very happy when they were delighted.

In fact, the rhinoceros had been prepared thanks to his warm care for the people. When there arose a problem of bringing the animal from a far-off country in Africa, there were conflicting opinions on it. Some of officials asserted to use the country’s trading ship moored at a nearby place and some to charter a foreign ship due to come to the country.

Kim Jong Il was informed of the fact and told them as follows: Though it is an issue to bring the rhinoceros, it is also an affair for the sake of the people. So, we should not calculate cost-effectiveness in doing a thing for the people. Let us bring the animal by air.

Officials flew to the foreign country, but they were faced with an unexpected situation. The rhinoceros was too big to enter the airplane.

Upon receiving the report, Kim Jong Il asked them to charter a large cargo craft of other country to bring the animal, no matter what cost. And he said that we must find our pleasure in the people’s happiness.

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